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We have an excellent selection of Mountain Valley Seeds, Lilly Miller Seeds, Lake Valley Seeds, and Burpee Seeds. We have many varieties of Pea, Bean, Corn, Onion, Radish, Carrot, Beet, Tomato, Lettuce, Spinach, and Squash seed available in Bulk Packages.

We have 'Garden In A Can' and '22 Garden Seeds In A Can' - collections of non-hybrid vegetable seeds packaged in a metal can; perfect for long-term storage. These canned seeds can store up to 6 years and still have good germination rates. What are Heirloom Seeds, tomatoNon-Hybrid Seeds, and Hybrid Seeds? Click here to find out.

Don't forget 'Seeds for Sprouts'. Sprouting Seeds are great to use on salads, sandwiches and soups. Click here for a pricelist of our sprouting Seeds.

Bulk Pack Vegetable Seeds
Peas Early Frosty
Little Marvel
Sugar Sprint
Green Arrow
Sugar Snap Pole
Oregon Sugar Pod
Mr. Big
Progress #9
Beans Blue Lake Bush
Blue Lake Pole
Kentucky Wonder
Roma II
Corn Miracle
Sugar Bunns
Kandy Korn
Peaches & Cream
Honey Select
Carrots Nantes
Little Finger
Beets Detroit Red
Early Wonder
Ruby Queen
Seeds for Sprouts
Radish Champion
Hail Stone
Cherry Belle
Onions White Spanish
White Bunching
White Pickling
Spinach Swiss Chard Lettuce Turnip Tomato
Seed Germination Test:

There are not too many things more frustrating than planting seeds and then waiting, and waiting, and waiting for them to germinate and nothing happens. If you are not sure how old the seed is or how well it has been stored you may want to test the germination rate before you plant.

Make a blanket of three paper towels. Moisten the towels and sprinkle at least 10 seeds on the towels. Cover the seeds with 3 moist paper towels. Put the towels in a perforated plastic bag that will help to keep the towels moist and also allow good air circulation to prevent mold. Put the germination kit in a warm, dark place.

Check the seeds daily to make sure the paper towels have not dried out. Most vegetable seeds will start to germinate in about a week. Remove the seeds as they sprout, noting how many of the batch germinated. A good germination rate is 8 out of 10. Seed companies can sell seeds as long as the rate is at least 6 out of 10; but they have to indicate that the seed has a lower germination rate.

By law, seed companies have to indicate the germination rate of any seed packets that weigh more than 1 pound. Seeds packaged in less than 1 pound packets only have the year they were packaged stamped on their label. Seed companies have to re-test all their seeds every 12 months; except grass seed. Grass seed has to be re-tested every 18 months.