Spring Plant Protectors

Mother Nature is very unpredictable and can sometimes be very destructive to newly planted flowers and vegetables. Late frosts are one of Mother Nature’s favorite methods of taking the fun out of gardening. You can fool Mother Nature by covering your garden with a garden blanket if the temperature gets too cold. Garden Blankets are light weight and allow the sunlight to penetrate. The gardeners at Temple Square often use garden blankets in the fall to protect their pansies from the cold and the lack of snow. We at J&L use garden blankets every spring to protect our plants because mother nature always seems to send one last, late frost at the most inconvient time. Another easy way to harden seedlings is to put them outside in a miniature greenhouse or coldframe. Unfortunately coldframes and unheated greenhouses are not always warm enough to protect plants from a real hard frost.

The Wall of Water is becoming more popular every year.. The wall of water helps protect tomato, pepper, and squash plants from late frosts. You can plant vegetables four to five weeks earlier than normal by using the Wall of Water. The wall of water will actually protect a plant down to sixteen degrees because as water freezes it produces heat. Be sure to set up your wall of water at least a week before you plant anything. One problem with a Wall of Water is if one of the tubes starts to leak many people will just throw it away. We have repair tubes available that you can insert in the leaky tube to seal the leak. These repair tubes are available in packages of six and are fairly inexpensive.